Cyberpanel Email Not Working

Email – is clearly one function where cyberpanel is not as easy as cpanel.  I’m still working through all the methods to make this work, and I’ll document any solutions I find here.  On cpanel, I only used email addresses as forwarders (without saving the emails on the server) and also as domain wide “catch all” accounts to just forward any emails to my personal gmail account.

I have almost all of my sites migrated over.  I updated my phpBB site so it would run with php7, and went to check if the email for the domain is working.  And it wasn’t.  I set-up email forwarding in the cyberpanel control panel, but it still didn’t work.  I then tried going in to the “access email” option which opens a program called “rainloop” which is a basic online email client.  I tried sending an email from there and when I clicked send, I got the message “Can’t send message”.

I went into the email logs in cyberpanel.  I went into cyberpanel and selected the “logs” option and one of the choices is “Email Log” – in there I found this line:

warning: cannot get RSA certificate from file “/etc/pki/dovecot/certs/dovecot.pem

The solution was that I needed to create a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for the email domain.  It looks like I can create an SSL certificate for each domain’s email by accessing the option here:


Once I installed the SSL for the domain I was working on, everything seemed to work correctly.

It turns out that importing my domains from cpanel didn’t successfully import all the email addresses.  Some messages say you need to manually create the emails in cyberpanel first, before importing from Cpanel, but I never tried that.  Also, on cpanel I had basically used them as domain forwarders, and not actually use those email addresses directly.  So now I have to go through and find all my email addresses I had created and forward them, or just create domain-wide forwarding accounts.

I found this discussion and some suggested ways to emulate the cpanel way of handling email forwarding and catch all accounts.  I’m going to work on that next and see if I can get things working how I want.  Unfortunately, having to do this manually for each domain is a bit of a pain.


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