Litespeed Cache Generate UCSS – messed up page formatting

I’ve been playing around with Litespeed Cache settings to try to improve my Pagespeeds Insight score.

Unfortunately, my biggest challenge is loading Google Adsense ads in a way that doesn’t dramatically hurt my pagespeed score. Using a domain that is not currently serving any ads allowed me to do some tests on what Litespeed Cache settings are best for PageSpeed insights, without messing with the appearance.

When I got to the Generate UCSS option under Page Optimization / CSS Settings, there is an option to turn on “Generate UCSS”. Here’s what they say about the Generate UCSS option on the official LiteSpeed page:

Generate UCSS


Unique CSS (UCSS) is a service that can be used along with the CSS Combine setting, to create a single streamlined CSS file for each page of your site. This combined file will potentially be unique for each page, because it will only include the CSS that is needed to render that specific page.

Benefit: By only including necessary CSS, the size for each combined CSS file remains small and processing time may be significantly reduced.

Unfortunately, when I turned on that option, my page formatting got all messed up. I think it basically prevented the usual CSS file from being loaded.  The description within the plugin says: “Automatic generation of unique CSS is in the background via a cron-based queue.”  Perhaps I just needed to wait for the cron-based execution of it generating the unique CSS. (Update 5/5/22 – I have tried it again and made sure that I created whatever files needed to be created by manually executing the cron job, and so far the formatting seems ok – I’ll update again if it breaks again.  I hope to eventually do another post explaining all of the LiteSpeed options that I’ve used and which caused me problems and which didn’t.)

I’m not that patient, so I just shut it off for now.  It seems  I’ve been able to get my mobile pagespeed insights score to be 99/100 each time I’ve checked since enabling almost all of the other options within the Litespeed plugin.  And that was without using a CDN.


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