Cyberpanel moved to new IP address – fixing including SSL certificate fix

After moving cyberpanel to a new instance, I got a new IP address and that needed some configuration changes to get things working properly.

First, I had to chnage the IP address in the cyberpanel configuration. This required using the vultr console to SSH into the server. Once there, I had to navigate to:


And then edit the file machineIP using:

nano machineIP

and then edit the IP address to the new IP address.  Once I did that, cyberpanel on that IP address was able to be accessed by going to the ip-address:8090

I again got the security errors as the SSL isn’t working, but at least I could get the basic interface.  I use cloudflare to manage the DNS for my websites, so I changed the IP address on cloudflare to point to the new IP server, but then I got some SSL certificate errors.  When I had cyberpanel issue new SSL certificates, it still wasn’t working.  To get that fixed, I updated acme by doing the following:

wget -O - | sh

Once I typed that into the console, it updated acme and then the SSL certificates that were issued worked properly.  I had to make sure to issue a new SSL certificate for the URL I used to access cyberpanel as well.

If I find any other errors after the move, I’ll update things here.  So far, that seems to be all that was really needed with a change in IP address.

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