Cyberpanel Connection Not Secure Not Private When Accessing – Fixed

Everything seemed fine as I was doing some work on various websites.  I also was playing around with cyberpanel and “connected” my self-hosted cyberpanel server to the cloud based cyberpanel admin interface.

When I went to my normal to access my controls, I got a “Connection Not Secure” and “Your Connection is Not Private” warning.  It also would keep resetting my connection where I’d have to verify that I really want to visit the potentially dangerous site.

Solution that worked:

Under SSL Option on the left main menu, there is an option for “Hostname SSL” – I had to select that and again issue a new SSL certificate to my subdomain where the cyberpanel is hosted.  Once I did that, I could again access the cyberpanel

Things I tried which didn’t work:

disabling cloudflare completely

resetting openlitespeed

changing the port to 8443

re-issuing the SSL certificate from within the child domain settings

I’m surprised it wasn’t easier for me to find this solution.  When I checked the usual lock icon when the SSL was broken, it looked like it issued an SSL certificate to the cloud based cyberpanel control panel and attached it to the subdomain.  I’m not sure how that happened, but probably from me playing around with the cloud based control panel.

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